《Best KPOP B-SIDE Tracks 2020》 | TOP 15 | JANUARY ❄

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Top 15 Kpop B-side Songs of January 2020

How to vote
♥—- Number your top 20 or less (mínimum 3 songs)

Only B-side tracks are elegible to vote

♥ It’s based on fans. In case it don’t receive enough votes, Admin will choose the order.

Admin won’t vote but she will choose among songs with the same points

Admin reserves the right to refuse admission of songs due to date or whatever

♥ Songs just stay on chart: 2 months

♥ New songs are not older than 2 months

♥ Only 3 songs per artist or group

♥ Songs cannot re-entry

For entertainment purposes only. All copyrights reserved to their respective owners. Support your favorite artist watching their MVs and buying their music.

Original by K-Pop Sanny.

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