2019 Kpop Songs You Should Be Listening To

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I said the word phenomenal so many times during this video don’t clown me for it lmaooo. Let me know what you thought of this video!! I’m still trying to get used to this voice over thing so i’m sorry if I sound a bit awkward but it looks like this way is the only way that I can continue to make playlists (hopefully let’s see what youtube says about it once I try to monetize my channel again).

Also the white border around the videos I thought it was cute so I did it lmaoo and although it looked fine while I was editing I can see now that on some of the video you can see part of the black bars (even though I made the border big enough for each video to cover it) so idk what happened there and idk if i’ll be doing the border again (unless you guys want me to).

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