Every Kpop Concert I Went To In 2019 | Blackpink, NCT 127, GOT7, Red Velvet, Jay Park & MORE!!

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Editing this video took about 40 hours so please watch it lmaooo. I had to render each individual concert on it’s own and then compile them and render it all together (it was a pain in the ass, but it was the only way I could get the rendering to work). Because of this it did make the quality drop a little bit, but I hope you can still enjoy the video!! I have group photos with a bunch of these artists (like Dean, Jay Park, Pentagon, VAV & more) but I was too lazy to blur everyone’s face out lool so I didn’t include those photos. All these shows took place in Toronto, Canada 🙂

Thank you to everyone who watched this long ass video lmao. I have my top 100 favourite kpop songs of 2019 in the works which should be up within a few days from now. Although I don’t really upload anymore (thanks to youtube screwing with my channel), I at least wanted to give you guys some videos to end the year with. Thank you to those who have stuck around this entire time (and to those who are newly subscribed)!! I am always thinking about you guys and I can never thank you all enough for letting me live out my dream of having a youtube channel. I hope 2020 treats everyone well and I am sending positive vibes to all of you for the new year!!
I love you all and I will see you shortly with my fave songs of 2019 video 🙂

AOMG – 00:10
Winner – 02:08
Red Velvet – 06:24
SIK-K – 09:48
VAV – 12:33
Blackpink – 16:06
NCT 127 – 20:23
UP10TION – 24:57
GOT7 – 27:34
Dean – 30:17
Pentagon – 33:42
Jay Park – 39:04
Kpop North (The Rose, Zion.T, Verivery, KARD) – 45:56

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